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Promotion information notes:
– The offer is valid for pre-registrations and registrations that will be received before 01/07/2020.
– The Discount Coupon is not redeemable for cash.

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We invite you to the OSTEOFLUIDICA® 2021 MASTER for learning Fluid Information Therapy created by Maurice Raymond Poyet.
The Master is developed over 11 weekends and is held in Parma and the first module will be held on 2-3 October 2021.


  • In the Master one acquires a particular sensitization of one’s manual touch through a super-light palpation.
  • The ability to receive responses from the body is refined using the tool of Active Listening.
  • You learn to interact with the energetic dynamism of the body and with all the possible anomalies that can inhibit or alter the homeostasis of the organism.
  • You learn to perform a palpatory evaluation useful to search for the causes of the symptom, to be able to treat them, normalizing the symptom by acting on the cause.
  • We learn protocols for the release of the Muscular Tendon Meridians MTM, to identify anomalous tensions at the fascial level that inhibit the functionality of the craniosacral system.
  • You learn to relaunch the movement of the craniosacral system according to the innovations of Maurice Raymond Poyet and its control keyboard from the coccyx to the skull.
  • One learns to self-correct one’s own rhythms using the “transference”.
  • Control and evaluation protocols are adopted to identify the restrictions of the sphenoid bone and spheno-basilar synchondrosis.
  • One learns to fluidify restrictions of emission and introduction of cerebrospinal fluid in all body regions upper limbs, lower limbs, viscera and organs.
  • You learn to normalize the fluidic circulation blocked due to localized traumatic events.
  • The awareness of the holistic dimension is acquired, in which the body is seen in a unitary dimension not made up of single bio-mechanical parts to be treated separately between them.
  • We learn how the operator becomes a “catalyst” that activates the intrinsic self-corrective mechanism in each person, restoring their own power of self-healing to them.

At the end of the course the Certificate of “Cranio Sacral Osteofluidics-Advanced Training” will be issued
This Homeopathic Cranio-Vertebro-Sacral Method can be learned by: Healthcare Professionals – Wellness Operators
Law 4/2013, 300 hours of learning and 600 training hours to be carried out over 2 years.

We invite you to complete the PRE-REGISTRATION application by filling out the online form below. We remind you that the pre-registration is not binding, but it is useful to indicate your interest.

Once we have received your pre-registration to participate in the OSTEOFLUIDICA® 2021 MASTER, we will contact you to formalize it definitively or, if necessary, cancel it.


® 2021
Sala Santa Croce – Parma

Orari:  9,30-13,00


Registration fee for the Osteofluidic Master 2021 € .4900,00 € .4.400,00 (Promotion valid until 30/06/2021)

Dates 2021

2/3 October
16/17 October
30/31 October
13/14 November
27/28 November
11/12 December

Dates 2022

22/23 January
19/20 February
19/20 March
23/24 April

Final test: 28/29 May 2021

To request information about the OSTEOFLUIDICA® 2020 MASTER and to be contacted more quickly, please fill out the contact form and remember to include a telephone number with an availability time slot