Poyet’s Osteofluidics became a clinical method in France. It is a method of correction of fluidic lesions adaptable to all possible clinical situations as part of energy remedies and therefore never in contrast to allopathic medicine. 

The specificity of this discipline is to qualify and quantify, only through tactile sensitivity, the rhythmic dysfunctions of body fluids. This diagnosis is followed by fluid therapy. 
Through the decompression of the entire central axis from the coccyx to the skull, it favors the restoration and the relaunching of the best possible circulation of body fluids, lymph, blood and cerebrospinal fluid in a gentle and gradual way, activating postural and kinetic self-regulation processes of the organism.
The contact and the pressures of the bio-logical approach method stimulate the awakening of the vital resources that each person carries within himself and to which the body can return to draw on for self-repair and self-healing.