“A wise man should consider health
as the greatest of human joys,
and learn how, with his own thought,
to benefit from his diseases.”

A session of osteofluidics is a real gift!
No sinister cracking or classic structural manipulation, and almost no movement!
Speed ​​and performance!

Through a session of osteofluidics, Poyet instills in the patient feelings of extreme tranquility, absence of anxieties, total muscular relaxation. Secondly, the patient will feel at ease with himself and will start a real process of self- liberation.

This system of intervention, not direct, aims first of all to restore to the organism its own capacity for self-regulation. 
The first effect of a re- balancing session is to re – frame the person within his or her energies, allowing release from all hindrances that prevent a harmonious diffusion in the body.

Over time, these natural abilities gradually froze; the many life accidents experienced by the person after their birth overlap and compensate as the “LAYERS OF BODY MEMORY”, as a reminder of this multi-factor pathological history. 
The diagnostics is performed through a pulsatile listening balancing to establish the momentary photograph of the fluidic lesions of the existing organism in the present time-space. 
The balancing of fluid injuries allows the number of self-defending systems present to be known at the time of execution. The more the organism has had to implement adaptive systems, the more evidence of this state will be found in the fluidic balancing with the consequent need for work to eliminate its effects.

Through the contact page it is possible to book a complete treatment performed directly by Fabio Rizzo. Treatments are normally carried out in Parma.