NO Crack

NO Thrust

The Osteofluidic Cranio-Sacral interventions are gentle, non-structural touches, tasked with reviving the energy of the body’s blocked fluids “informing them” about the possibility of a better balance.

All “classic” forms of intervention are excluded, for which there is no manipulative risk.

The “thrust” osteopathic classical manipulative structural intervention becomes “sweet and fluidic informational” in this discipline.

In Poyet’s view, the tailbone (or sacrum) plays a very important role because it is a sort of catalyst of the vital energy that acts like a computer keyboard, in which each key is a switch that, if stimulated, puts the biological program back in order.

By appropriately touching the right keys, that is, by stimulating the sacrum, it is possible to relaunch the energy and radiate it throughout the body (or areas that need it) through the spine. The spine functions as a connection cable and distributes the pulses received throughout the body up to the head, from which, like a monitor, you can control the good course of the session with tactile listening.

The originality of the method consists in its liberation capacity: to reintroduce the presence of the pulsation that derives from the primary respiratory movement interrupted by localized stressful events, and to restore freedom to the motion of the fluids. These subtle fluidic connections organized within the body in an energetic reactive network composed of 8 reactive chains, are precisely the innovative and ingenious contribution of Poyet, who discovered and experimented them for a long time.