Physiotherapist, kinesiologist and an osteopath. He graduates with a thesis on the pathologies of the vertebral column with a 60/60 vote at the Fermi institute in Perugia. He specializes in France (Montpellier Toulon and Evian), Artec Formation and Licorne Formation in Fluidic Osteopathy, Kinesiology and in Osteodouce (OsteoQuantics).
After enlisting at the health register of the legal medicine services Ausl Torino and Ausl Parma, he enrols as a health worker in the roles of the F.I.G.C. Technical Sector.
He conducted an in-depth study on Primary Respiratory Movement (MRP) and fascial muscle tensions.
As a reflexologist, he has lectured in specialist body techniques in various professional schools and Universities of the Natural in Italy.
He holds conferences and seminars for companies and regional training agencies.
As a presenter speaker of the new and innovative Osteofluidic and Bio-Logical Manual body balance methodology, he was a speaker at the Les Nouvelles Estetiques congresses in 2004 and 2006 and at Estetica International Roma in 2010. He spreads methods of Cranio-Sacrale Osteofluidics , Myofascial Expert Touch , Shiatsu, Global Reflexology, Dynamic Lymphatic drainage, with a focus on the analogical symptom (effect) / meaning (cause) vision as the only way to self healing of the Human Being. In addition to basic training, he attended workshops by Frédérick Leboyer, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Cesare Boni, Jacky Roux.

He has organized natural medicine seminars in Parma since 1995 and since 2000 Fluidic Osteopathy seminars , paying particular attention to nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine.
He is a Zen Shiatsu teacher according to the innovations of the school of the master S. Masunaga.
Through his knowledge of Kinesiology, zen shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and cranio-sacral treatments, he has developed a personal massage method called Global Energy Harmonization.
He has a number of guest appearances on Mediaset’s Vivere Meglio, a column on medicine and wellness broadcast on Rete4 as an expert in new methods of massage and body language.
He has often been a guest on Telecolor in the Health Laboratory program, presenting intervention protocols on some motor dysfunctions and cicatricial release.
From these episodes he was subsequently invited to create In forma con l’osteofluidica health and wellness program, broadcast on Health & Nature, Telecolor TV and Prima Rete Lombardia, where he illustrated protocols of body approach in a holistic key on the disorders that most they frequently afflict the human being. The program was conducted by journalist Micol Baronio.
He conceived and realized the Energy & Health program weekly program broadcast on Telecolor TV in prime time. The program conducted by journalist Loretta Gregori, had guests among others the Dr. Serena Mercadante Systemic Trainer for the development of individual and corporate resources, and Dr. Leonardo Tagliavini , Medical Director with SOS assignment in Anesthesia at the E. Franchini Hospital (Reggio Emilia).

Periodicals and sector magazines such as Silhouette, ViverSani & Belli, Estethitaly, Suite Benessere, “D” dellaRepubblica, ItaliaSalute, LesNouvellesEstetiques, LaStampa, Corriere Salute, Diario del Web , are interested in his works.

He has published DVD Myofascial Expert Touch , a course for the liberation of muscular tendon meridians.

Book and E-Book << Osteofluidica the  path of health >>, energetic causes of disorders and care of human Being.
Osteofluidics the path to health – English version

Holistic Motion – 8 DVDs of complementary medicine – series of informative videos of protocols, integrated with a holistic view of health, prevention and solution of frequent disorders and pathologies, useful for anyone working in the therapeutic or not “help relationship” .

Available on Amazon Google Play Vimeo on DVD eBook, and in bookstores.