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How do training courses affect the growth and development of professionals?
All research on the subject shows that professionals who invest in training courses achieve better results than those who don’t.
Competitiveness is played on the capacity for innovation and on proposals for change. Our methodology consists of a new informative homeopathic modality, fundamentally different from classical osteopathy, and totally devoid of “structural manipulations.”
In fact, once freed from its chains, the body immediately recovers its powers of self-correction, and sets its balance smoothly!

Our goal is to provide a complete treatment of Psycho-Biological harmonisation, by stimulating body awareness.

This method is able to release the unsuspected powers of our Biology, acting like a real “inner doctor”!

In each short course, our goal is to immediately allow the participant to put in place what has been acquired.

Work in Progress, stages of gradual and conscious progression to better enable the “assimilation” of information, are our method!

Practitioners of manual therapies wishing to make subtle listening and “feeling” prevail , rather than simple manual technicisms, are our audience!


In the presence of physical, psychological or emotional traumas, the organism responds in a unitarian manner. The districts, or areas of the body to which we usually give a name, are separated only by our mind. In reality they concert and perform a hymn to life transmitting permanently night and day, from the bottom up, from the outside to the inside, from front to back, information and interchanges on the existence of each one of us, the emotions we feel, in relation to the outside, pleasant or unpleasant sensations, linear or circular thoughts, the management of ideas and food, etc.
The sum of the many stresses experienced in the personal multi-factorial history of ourselves, (on average, an important stress experience per week) creates, in the body of the inhibitions of fluidity of the three major body fluids, blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid, which are highlighted in lymphatic stagnation or blood circulation, knots or strings of tension that, over time, can become chronic.

These become real “barriers” of fluidic self-protection that in the long run organize themselves by creating forms of “comforting cold local anesthesia”. In other words,somatization.
It can be argued that the fluids are the interface between us and the external world, between our rational, sensory, emotional, internal world and the external, material world.

Energy is a way of understanding the world in terms of flows and pulsations.
The structure of the body is an understanding of a relational dynamic, informed by emotions.
When stress is too  much for the person’s energy, the body rescues the system by blocking precise target sites. The process of neutralization, therefore, is to restore freedom to the body so that, once it can lift the weight, it sees the solution to its problems.

In this discipline of manual body approach, our body becomes a reception and transmission antenna. This principle-approach is the foundation for energy circulation. The equilibrium of the operator is a basic condition for treatment, which at the same time always remains “relationship”.

In this course the student learns to self-balance, before each manual intervention session. You’ll be able to set yourself ethically and honestly in the best neutral, high-availability state. You will be favoring a personal exercise and a path of experimentation and daily discovery, guarantor of its autonomy.

The basic principle is simple: optimal autonomy and health require a fluid energy flow. The absence of a pulse,and the need to raise it, allows to detect the block that in turn highlights the obstacles.
The training during the 11 weekends allows to perform a basic session, the global liberation of the muscular tendon meridians and a rebalancing of the cranio-sacral axis, with particular focus on the lightening by the Strains (For further information: Osteofluidics the path to health ), which are the registration at the level of the skull of impacts (stress) limiting the physical and mental freedom of the person.
Moreover, the general concepts of energy and metaphorical symbology of the main energetic blocks, and related restrictions of somatic freedom, are studied. Particular attention highlights the practical application of the procedures for carrying out the intervention sessions with the teacher continuous supervision .

Craniosacral Courses Parma
Craniosacral Courses Parma
Craniosacral Courses Parma